World of Warcraft Account #388

This represents the full listing information for the account you selected.

2X SCARAB LORD | Rank 13 Vanilla PvP | Tyrael's Hilt | Murky | Swift Spectral Tiger | 6/9 Tier 3 | 4x L60 Tier 3 Twinks!

It is very important that you, as a prospective buyer, understand what you are seeing here. You are looking at the ONLY account in the entire United States to have TWO Scarab Lord achieving characters on the account. The first character (the Priest) achieved Scarab Lord during the times of Vanilla and then the second character (the Paladin) achieved Scarab Lord due to a gate bug during Wrath.

There is another Scarab Lord mount in the Priest's bags! Considering the mount is already known on the account, the Priest's mount was never used. You could transfer the priest to a brand new account and have the mount there as well!

On top of those two achievements, you have 4 decked level 60 twinks with a couple of pieces of Tier 3 to near full Tier 3.

There is also 442 PETS on the account! Absolutely insane!


- Obtained SCARAB LORD (Not once, but twice!)
- Obtained Field Marshal (Rank 13 PvP Vanilla Title -- Transmog All Grand Marshal Gear!)
- Obtained Tyrael's Hilt ($2000+ on Ebay!)
- Obtained Murkablo (Blizzcon Pet - 2011)
- Obtained Deathy (Blizzcon Pet - 2010)
- Obtained The Marine Marine (Blizzcon Pet - 2009)
- Obtained Murky (Blizzcon Pet - 2005 - $2000+ on Ebay!)
- Obtained Insane in the Membrane
- Obtained The Immortal
- Obtained The Undying
- Obtained Champion of Ulduar
- Obtained Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
- Obtained Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Achievement Points: 15,500! WOW!

Rare Mounts:

168 Total Mounts!

Amani Battle Bear
Armored Razzashi Raptor -- New ZG Mount!

Crimson Deathcharger
Fiery Warhorse
Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher
Ironbound Proto-Drake
LIFE-BINDER'S HANDMAIDEN -- Rare drop from Heroic: Madness of Deathwing!
PUREBLOOD FIRE HAWK -- Rare drop from Heroic: Ragnaros!

Raven Lord
Red Proto-Drake
Rivendare's Deathcharger
Rusted Proto-Drake
Swift Alliance Steed
SWIFT RAZZASHI RAPTOR -- Rare/Unobtainable!
SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER -- $500+ on Ebay!

Swift White Hawkstrider
Violet Proto-Drake
Volcanic Stone Drake
White Polar Bear
Winterspring Frostsaber

Rare Titles:

Bane of the Fallen King
Bloodsail Admiral
Champion of Ulduar -- Unobtainable!
Champion of the Naaru -- Unobtainable!

DRAGONSLAYER -- Heroic: Sinestra Kill Title!
Hand of A'dal -- Obtainable!
Master of the Ways
SAVIOR OF AZEROTH -- Heroic: Madness of Deathwing Kill Title!
of the Alliance -- 121k Honorable Kills on the account!
THE BELOVED -- 60+ Exalted Reputations!

the Flamebreaker
THE IMMORTAL -- Rare/Unobtainable!
THE INSANE -- Completed prior to any nerfs!

the Light of Dawn
the Seeker
THE UNDYING -- Rare/Unobtainable!

Gear Breakdown:

Armory: Level 90 Night Elf Priest | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory


6/9 Tier 3 (Missing Ring/Gloves/Boots)
Full Tier 0.5 (Completely Unobtainable!)

Full Tier 6 + SWP Gear
Full Tier 5
Full Tier 4
Full Tier 2.5
Full Tier 2
Full Tier 1

Alternate Characters:

Other Scarab Lord + Full Tier 0.5 (Unobtainable!) -- Level 87 Draenei Paladin | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
Level 85 Twink -- Level 85 Dwarf Shaman | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
6/9 Tier 3 Twink Mage -- Level 60 Gnome Mage | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
3/9 Tier 3 Twink Warrior -- Level 60 Night Elf Warrior | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
3/9 Tier 3 Twink Druid -- Level 60 Night Elf Druid | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
Tier 1/2 Twink Rogue -- Level 60 Worgen Rogue | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory