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Main Armory
CORRUPTED ASHRBINGER | Original Rank 14 High Warlord

I have decided to put my baby up for sale. He will be moved off to a fresh account. The account that the character is coming from is MY ACTUAL NAME. So, rest easy knowing that the new account will be secure with only you and I knowing the information for the account.

I am not giving an armory or anymore details than this as I am still actively playing the character and am just seeing the offers that I can get for the character itself.

There is NO other vanity on the character. Full Tier 3 was accidentally deleted back in BC and could not be recovered. As with the BMAH, that is really a non-issue for a very patient person.

Anyways, I am entertaining offers at this point. I haven't seen anything like this for sale in a very long time, so I will take my time in finding the best offer possible.