World of Warcraft Account #751

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Main Armory
26.2k Achs on character alone! | 358 Legacy | 95 Feats | 84 Exalted Reps | Mistwalker | All Mage Tower Specs Unlocked | High Warlord | 17/17 Gold CMs!

I am going to keep this short and sweet as the armory tells a lot of the story.

The character is on its account on its own. It was moved to its owned account a month ago, so the transfer is up.


- 26.2k achievements earned by the Warlock alone.
- 358 Legacy achievements
- 95 Feats of Strength
- 84 Reputations at Exalted!
- Notable Titles: Mistwalker, Warbringer, Warlord of Draenor, Khan, Gorgeous, Battlemaster, Lord of War, High Warlord, the Undaunted, the Indomitable, the Insane, the Admired, Hero of the Horde

- Tons of Cutting Edge achievements since MoP and at least Ahead of the Curve for every tier!
- Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest
- All Mage Tower specs have been unlocked (some KJ kills and RBGs still need for some skins)
- All Hidden artifact specs have been unlocked
- Balance of Power artifact skin unlocked as well as mythic +15 skin
- Hero of the Horde: Prideful
- 9/9 Gold MoP Challenge Mode Armor
- 8/8 Gold WoD Challenge Mode Weapons